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How We Got Here

Our Beginning

  • In 2005, Amit Jain and Roger Hajjar set out to reinvent display technology. They named their fledgling company Spudnik, later renaming it Prysm.
  • Prysm developed and patented a unique Laser Phosphor Display that freed companies from limitations on the amount of content they could use to communicate visually.
  • As customers fell in love with Prysm’s LPDs, Amit and Roger decided to go one step further and create interactive displays that could revolutionize the way people worked together.
  • When they encountered Anacore, a company whose technology let users interact simultaneously with multiple sources — such as laptops, video conferencing, digital whiteboards, and 3D renderings — the founders saw a perfect opportunity.
  • In 2014, Prysm and Anacore joined forces to develop the ultimate digital workplace platform. Since then, the product has evolved, but the vision has never changed.
  • Prysm helps organizations drive decisions, accelerate innovation, and optimize their global workforces. It makes meetings easier, helps distributed teams work together, and unleashes creativity with a highly visual interface.


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