Touch Screen Best Practices and Cleaning 

Touch Screen Best Practices

Prysm recommends the following best practices for the health and safety of Prysm display users.

  • Day to day collaboration options:
    • Both before and after touching a Prysm display, apply hand sanitizer according to package directions and allow to completely dry prior to touching screen
    • Utilize a soft tipped non-abrasive stylus or pen in place of directly touching screen
      • Sanitize soft tipped non-abrasive stylus or pen according to manufacturer’s directions
    • Wear sterile gloves as needed
  • For comprehensive text editing consider
    • Using a remote keyboard and mouse
      • Sanitize remote keyboard and mouse according to manufacturer’s directions
    • Remotely interacting in the displayed workspace using Prysm for Desktop or Prysm for Web

Display Screen Cleaning — 6K, LPD Tile and LCD


NEVER clean a Prysm display screen with hand sanitizer, nail polish remover, window cleaner, vodka or any cleaning solution containing alcohol (except as noted below), ammonia, solvents or acetone. These can damage the screen and void the warranty. Screen cleaning should be done only when there is dust or smudging on the screen.

Approved cleaning fluids:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (99.5% + pure only)
  • Ethyl Alcohol (99.5% + pure ethanol)
    • Denatured alcohol is unapproved
  • Edmund “Tech Spec” Lens Cleaner – available from Edmund Optics Inc. (stock #: NT54-828)
  • Monster “Ultimate Performance TV Cleaning Kit” from Monster Cable Products (inv #: 113953-00)

A clean microfiber lint-free cloth is the only object that should touch the screen during cleaning.

  1. Lightly dampen a clean microfiber lint-free cloth with approved cleaning fluid as noted above. The cloth should not leave behind anything more than a thin film that evaporates quickly (i.e. the cloth should not drip or leave drips or runs on the screen).
    Note: Avoid the accumulation of fluid on the screen due to the danger of liquid wicking into the laminated structure at the corners as this can cause permanent unrepairable damage.
  2. It is unnecessary to power the display off for cleaning. To minimize streaking, gently wipe the cloth across panel in a circular motion. Do not apply force to the display surface.
  3. Change the cloth frequently enough to avoid redepositing dirt or dragging debris across the display surface.

Download a pdf version of Touch Screen Best Practices Cleaning page