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Prysm Systems Celebrates Women in AV During International Women’s Month

Women are powerhouse contributors to the professional AV and technology integration industry. There are women at all levels of the industry, including integrators, marketing and communications, consultants and designers, engineers, executives and leaders, and entrepreneurs. Many advancements have been made in creating opportunities for women in the professional AV industry, and more work will continue to be done.

International Women’s Day (IWD) and International Women’s Month celebrate women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements and calls for action on driving forward gender equality. At Prysm Systems, we are proud to say that women at this company play a significant role in the success and strategy of our technology. In honor of Women’s History Month, Prysm Systems is celebrating the women behind-the-scenes.

Ellen Simich, senior director, PMO and strategic partnerships at Prysm Systems, discusses women in leadership positions. “The AV industry has the tendency to access the same talent pool and it’s time to start looking ‘outside the box.’ The more different we are, the more relevant we are, not only for our teams but for our clients too. Female role models in leadership positions in AV are essential for the emerging generation of leaders. A work environment that acknowledges women leaders as organizational assets is the one that will prosper.”

Jessica Smith, global marketing operations manager at Prysm Systems, shares her thoughts on knowing your worth. “The way others treat you is not a good benchmark for your true value, so do not spend your life waiting for others to convince you that you are worthy. Let go of perfection and own your strengths and weaknesses. Confidence is not the same as arrogance so shake off the Imposter Syndrome.”

Elena Volkova, payroll supervisor at Prysm Systems, discusses a meaningful and relevant topic of work-life balance. “Work-life balance is one of the most challenging aspects of every woman’s career. Prysm Systems has embraced the hybrid workplace and offers the flexibility to work from home. This makes balancing my work and home life that much easier. Working for a company that values this has been crucial to my personal growth and success.”

Kanthi Keerti, director of customer success for APAC and EMEA at Prysm Systems, shares her thoughts on realizing her full potential. “What truly makes work significant? There can be numerous aspects through which this can be looked at. Having a job does not just mean the money I earn or the designation I have. Still, it’s also the feeling of independence, empowerment. Work to me is only significant when I can achieve happiness both on a personal and professional front. Working with Prysm Systems has not only taught me skills that could turn to my advantage but has also made me enjoy the process of learning these skills and has helped me feel empowered and valued to be who I am today.”

At Prysm Systems, we celebrate these four women and all women in the professional AV, custom integration and technology industries. We hope that by championing their achievements and sharing their insights, we can inspire more women to explore careers in professional AV.


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