Transform Training and Onboarding

Reinvigorate your training programs with technology that’s reliable and easy to use, while enabling a more engaging, memorable learning experience.


Make It Interactive

Passive, one-way communication bores the audience and lowers retention. Prysm enables tactile learning to keep employees and trainers engaged, even from remote locations.


Involve Multiple Presenters, Even If They’re Not In The Same Room

Lower travel costs and scale your training programs without sacrificing experience. All trainers can interact with content in real time so there’s no need to “pass control.” Everyone can even draw on the same digital whiteboards simultaneously. 


Mobile Options, For Maximum Flexibility

Trainers and employees can break free from the conference room. Prysm lets you lead or participate in from in-room displays, smartphones, and tablets.


Simplify Curriculum Development

Prysm is the perfect tool for developing course materials. Upload documents, share, and comment on revisions without long email threads. Hold real-time reviews and practice sessions from any location or device.