Custom Video Walls

The information was delivered brilliantly.

Lobbies and Briefing Centers

Prysm's custom video walls and interactive displays create an immersive and engaging visual experience that elevates your brand and makes a lasting impression on your guests.


Ultra-wide viewing angles mean that every seat in the house enjoys beautiful image quality. Bright under normal ambient lighting, your audience won’t be left sitting in the dark.

Broadcast Studios

With artifact-free video playback, uniform brightness and color, and the ability to quickly adjust white points over a wide range, the camera loves Prysm custom video walls.

Command and Control

Prysm custom video walls integrate all of your mission-critical information on a single digital canvas, allowing you to focus on important issues and make better faster decisions.

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Available in standard and custom sizes, our large-format displays bring together essential information and make an unforgettable impression.

Transform your large spaces into immersive and engaging experiences for lobbies, executive briefing centers, auditoriums, broadcast studios, and command-and-control centers with the Prysm digital workplace platform. If your CEC or auditorium doesn’t require full digital workplace functionality, add one-touch access to a digital whiteboard, as well as wired and wireless device sharing for presentations, with Prysm Go.

  • Prysm Video Wall at Under Armour

    Under Armour

    “The Prysm video wall was selected for its superior ability to communicate the Under Armour brand through the combination of interactivity and support of a broad range of media. It delivers the wow-factor in an experience that is truly jaw-dropping.
    Jack Taylor, senior project consultant at The Sextant Group


  • Prysm Video Wall at State Grid Corporation of China

    State Grid Corporation of China

    “The Prysm video wall is bezel-free, and delivers astounding image quality and ultra-wide 178° viewing angles. These attributes combined with the tremendous scalability of LPD technology provide an ideal display solution for the command and control environment.”
    – Yao Hong, director of sales for Daheng


  • Prysm Video Wall at GE

    GE Customer Experience Center

    “Working closely with Prysm, the Customer Experience Center came together flawlessly. Prysm’s latest solution offers free-form flexibility and life-like imagery that will engage audiences in this unique, educational setting.”
    – David Weatherhead, VP of APG Displays


  • prysm-video-wall-at-iac-1.jpg


    "The new technology powering IAC HQ's video walls set the standard for green technology. We expect to dramatically decrease our energy costs while simultaneously providing an unparalleled viewing experience for our hundreds of clients and thousands of employees and visitors that attend events at IAC HQ each year." 
    Vincent Luciani, chief information officer for IAC


  • prysm-video-wall-at-wallenberg.jpg

    Wallenberg Auditorium

    "We are proud to showcase this technology in the Wallenberg Auditorium and have been very pleased with the support and engineering backup Prysm provides."
    - Patrik Camp, managing director of Informationsteknik Stockholm


  • Prysm video wall at beijing tv

    Beijing TV Broadcast Studio

    "What LPD brings us is better visual effects, lower energy consumption, scalability and a better fit to varied broadcast environments."
    - Gu Zhonghui, General Manager for Century Sage Scientific


The Experience Matters

See all your critical information with Prysm interactive display and video walls, or use your existing displays with Prysm's digital workplace platform to upgrade the experience delivered in every workspace.