The Death Of the Office

By Jacob Morgan

The-death-of-the-office-(whitepaper).pngThe cornerstone of an office or a workplace has been, for the most part, focused on one thing — utility. Organizations have traditionally invested in the bare-bones requirements needed for employees to work. Oftentimes this meant a cubicle, a chair, a desk, a computer and a phone. There was little to no focus on the employee experience, health and wellness, technology integration, or in any way creating an environment where employees actually wanted to show up. This was because organizations controlled all of the bargaining power in the employer-employee relationship.

Today we are seeing that balance of power shift towards the hands of employees who are starting to be more selective over the organizations that they choose as employers. In fact, the war for talent has never been more fierce than it is today. Download this whitepaper by Jacob Morgan to learn what your organization can do to revive your office space and deliver on employee experience expectations.

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