Data Storytelling

How to Be Data Fluent in the Digital Age

data-storytelling-ebook_thumb.pngEven content that’s dull on the surface can prompt deep, meaningful discussion, and excitement, if it’s presented imaginatively. That is the power of data-driven storytelling. The best decisions are based on data — but what’s the secret to deriving insight from numbers?

Read this eye-opening ebook and learn how next-gen visualization and interactive workplace tools help the pros make the right decisions faster.

You’ll also learn how data-driven stories increase engagement, stimulate curiosity, and enhance decision making.

Inside . . . learn the art and science of:

  • Breaking down hard-to-understand concepts into easily consumable “bites.”
  • Combining and juxtaposing multiple data sources and live feeds to reveal hidden trends.
  • Enabling all participants — not just trained data analysts — to derive actionable insight.

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