Introducing Prysm Avatar:
Work from Drone, Anywhere in the World

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Introducing Prysm Avatar

Prysm is always looking for new ways to bring people together in the workplace, and our newest creation is no exception. 

We are pleased to introduce Prysm Avatar — a work drone that enables you to reap the benefits of working from home, without sacrificing the interpersonal advantages of being in the office. Each drone is equipped with sophisticated sensors and a holographic projector that displays your likeness as a realistic, life-sized avatar. 

These key features of Prysm Avatar make working from drone a fun, productive experience:

  • Teleport into a meeting: Select a meeting room via Skype and the drone will project the avatar in that location.
  • Follow a colleague: Program your avatar to follow a colleague around the office for hallway conversation (or to encourage them to meet a deadline!).
  • Customize your wardrobe: From "meh!" to "Silicon Valley" attire and everything in between. Personalize your drone's wardrobe to make the right impression while working remotely.
  • Observe office boundaries: Advanced geo-fencing technology helps your drone avoid embarrassing situations — like following a colleague into the bathroom while having a hallway conversation.

Imagine...a world of literal office drones projecting our best selves in the office, while we enjoy the benefits of working remotely.  For the first time in history, with Prysm Avatar, you can truly #WorkFromDrone. 

Just in Time for April 1st

Don't issue that PO just yet; Prysm Avatar is available just in time for some April Fools' Day fun!

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Who is Prysm?

Prysm is a leading provider of cloud-based, digital workplace solutions to many of the world’s largest global enterprises. The Prysm Digital Workplace platform drives enterprise agility, powers internal productivity and helps capture more customers by unifying data, content, applications and tools on hyper-immersive digital canvases that can be used in offices or remotely on any device.