Prysm Success
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How to Leverage Prysm Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

Session 001
Find out how to get the most out of Prysm's digital workplace platform — whether you're in the office or on the road — from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. 

Adding Files to Prysm Mobile and In-Room Displays

Session 002

Learn how to leverage content from existing sources—whether you’re using Prysm for Web (also known as Prysm Mobile) or standing next to an in-room display.


Snap Grids - Polish Your Presentation

Session 003

Learn how to use snap grids to easily and automatically align your content on the screen for a more polished, professional look. Choose a pre-configured grid or create a custom design to suit your individual needs.

Leverage Tools To Get Productive

Session 004

Learn about Prysm tools that enhance collaboration and help teams work smarter together, anywhere from any device.  Use Prysm for Web to stay productive and be a more effective team member. 


How to host successful status update meetings

Session 005

Great status update meetings not only keep everyone informed and on task, but they can also save valuable work time, and reduce frustration among team members. Learn how to utilize Prysm's status meeting use case to align a team on current state of projects or overall direction of the team.


Delivering a High Impact Presentation

Session 006

Delivering an effective and powerful presentation is critical for business success. Find out how to successfully communicate your big ideas clearly and persuasively through Prysm for Web.


“Next generation” whiteboard

Session 007

Prysm's sketchboard is designed to meet all of your brainstorming needs. It allows real-time collaboration for meeting participants along with a natural writing experience and multi-directional resizing for maximum use case flexibility. Learn how to leverage the sketchboard asset for your big ideas. Available in 2.11 feature release.



Visual Snap Grid Editor

Session 008

Learn how the visual snap grid editor allows Prysm administrators to intuitively create and modify snap grids on an aspect ratio of their choice and save the snap grid directly onto their Prysm projects. Available on 2.11 version.


Customer Success at Prysm

Session 009
The customer success team at Prysm is fully devoted to engaging users and supporting adoption.  Contact your account team to discuss building a Customer Success strategy for your organization.

Project Management Use Case

Session 010

The project management use case provides a structure for gathering customer requirements and setting project scope. Manage cost, time and scope by leveraging Prysm’s project management use case.

Prysm for iPhone

Session 011

The Prysm iPhone app gives users more ways to interact with a Prysm display.  Learn more about the app, currently available in the Apple App store, and see how you too will be able to unlock a Prysm Display from your mobile phone, access projects and more.  Available for 2.12 feature release.
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Prysm for Web

Session 012

Prysm for web allows remote team members to join a meeting anywhere and from any device. See how to use a web browser to easily join a meeting and interact with content in a Prysm Application Suite workspace from any location and any device.


session 013 370x208-1

Prysm for Desktop - App Download

Session 013

Prysm for desktop is a Windows 10 desktop app that integrates with your existing workflows and applications while providing the speed, reliability, and ease of use that you expect from a desktop application.  Learn how to download and install the app.

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session 013 370x208

Prysm for Desktop - Launch and Screen Share

Session 014

Multi-user simultaneous content sharing and more are possible using Prysm for Desktop, the Windows 10 desktop app.  Learn how to launch and screen share using the desktop app. 

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